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Edge Protection

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  • Angle Foam

    •  Absorbs impacts – 10mm hardwearing cushioned foam
    •  Flexible – shapes around curved edges and easily cut to length
    •  Waterproof – can be used externally
    •  Non marking - fits and removes without scrat Learn More
  • G Foam

    •  Self Gripping – simply clips into place with no additional fixing
    •  Reusable – can be moved from location to location
    •  Impact resistant – heavy duty foam protects against all types of site damage Learn More
  • Multi-surface Film

    •  Coloured - Red tint for easy identification and a clear signal that it is protecting a finished surface.
    •  Adheres immediately – wraps around awkward surfaces without the need for tapes.
    •  Leaves no residue – removes with no Learn More
  • O-Profile Foam

    Uses include the protection of handrails,
    balustrades, newel posts, door jambs,
    and UPVC or stone window and door sills.
    Handrail size for protection of tubular
    handrails and spindles.
    Offers excellent impact protection from
    general site traffic, barrows, tool boxes Learn More

  • U-Foam

    •  Impact resistant – excellent protection whilst working around handrails and doors etc.
    •  Flexible – simple to install and remove, expands around the object to protect
    •  Self-gripping – inner facing ends clip directly wi Learn More
  • Window Coating

    UV and weather resistant coating for
    longer term protection of glass and UPVC.
    Adheres by surface tension and not by
    adhesive. Resistant to splashes and
    overspray by paint or adhesive, spillages
    and stains from mortar and render, and
    abrasion caused by most normal si Learn More

  • “Correx” Twin-Flute:Dura

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