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O-Profile Foam

•  Fully-slit – immediately clips onto the object to protect
•  Circular profile – self grips and stays in place without taping
•  Non marking – fits and removes without scratching
•  Absorbs impacts – high density
•  13mm thick foam.
•  Completely reusable – hard wearing and easy to handle, slots into itself for easy storage between projects


Uses include the protection of handrails,
balustrades, newel posts, door jambs,
and UPVC or stone window and door sills.
Handrail size for protection of tubular
handrails and spindles.
Offers excellent impact protection from
general site traffic, barrows, tool boxes,
access equipment etc.

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Product Options

90/110mm / Door Jamb S
114mm x 2m / Door Jamb
114mm x 2m / Door Jamb FR
120/150mm / Door Jamb L
44mm x 2m / Handrail

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