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Carpet Cover

Durable, non-woven material for
commercial loop carpeting. Phook technology by Velcro next to each
of the two edges designed to allow firm
fixation to loop carpet. (95% or more of all
commercial carpets) Not designed for cut
pile carpet.
Directions: To cover a wide area, overlap
the self-engaging seams. Ttripping seal the ends with the 50mm
hook tape. (included)


•  Breathable – does not trap moisture, allowing

carpet adhesive to cure properly
•  Protects against spills and dirt – water resistant film laminated onto the backing
•  No adhesive residue – Use instead of carpet film for periods of use over 60 days
•  Reusable – can be repositioned as needed and generates less jobsite waste
•  Easy to install – installed using standard applications and stays in place without tape

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914mm x 30.48m

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