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Window Coating

•  Rapid coverage – an average size window can be coated in as little as one minute, drastically reducing labour costs
•  Durable – remains in place for up to 12 months, even sustaining high winds, saving reapplication costs
•  Ease of removal – quick to remove with no adhesive residue, leaving a clean pristine surface with no further cleaning necessary
•  Environmentally friendly – non toxic and non flammable water based solution, safe and low cost disposal


UV and weather resistant coating for
longer term protection of glass and UPVC.
Adheres by surface tension and not by
adhesive. Resistant to splashes and
overspray by paint or adhesive, spillages
and stains from mortar and render, and
abrasion caused by most normal site
Directions: Easily applied in liquid form
by brush, roller or airless spray. Ensure
even coverage to ensure easy removal.
The dry film may be easily removed either
by hand or using a dull blade and peeling
from the edge, or by pressure washing.

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600mm x 100m

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