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Window Film

UV stable self adhesive film designed for
protection of windows and glazing.
Provides instant protection against nonimpact
scratches, dust, paint splatters and
plaster splashes. Negates the need for
heavy cleaning on completion which often
results in scratches. Low tack version for
use where there is extensive exposure to
direct sunlight.

600mm x 100mBlue


•  Quick installation – simply roll out and press into position, adheres immediately to glass without the need for tapes.
•  Leaves no residue – removes clean without staining.
•  Weatherproof – 100% water and UV resistant for external application.
•  Complete seal – protects windows from spray painting
•  Transparent Clear or Blue tint
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600mm x 100m / Blue
600mm x 100m / Clear
600mm x 100mClear, / low tack

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